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 ... urinary tract infections such as chronic cystitis or interstitial

Use D-Mannose And Annihilate Urinary Tract Infection Permanently

If you are feeling frequent urge to urinate but passing out a small amount of urine, having a burning sensation while urinating or passing out dark and bloody urine with pungent smell, then undoubtedly you have become a victim of UTI (urinary tract infection) or Cystitis. This disease becomes very dangerous in the long-run and even men and women undergo tremendous pain in their genital organs during sexual intercourse. So, why take risk and making the disease more chronic? It is better if you start curing cystitis by using it, which will give you relieve and permanent cure.

D-mannose has widespread awareness among the medical practitioners worldwide. Researchers say that e-coli cause 90% of urinary tract infection. The main function of it is to flush out the e-coli bugs from the urinary tract without damaging the required bacteria, and revitalize the action of the urinary bladder. After entering into the human body, this medicine attracts the e-coli bacterium towards its molecules and after they get attached to the molecules, the medicine kills them. It also helps the body to release the e-coli bugs through urine. It doesn't harm the healthy and useful bacteria of the body, like the other medicines of the same category. Moreover, all the ingredients of the medication are natural; no artificial element is associated with it, that's why it is assured that D-mannose will not harm you in any way.

It should be remembered that woman are more prone to urinary tract infection than men. D-mannose is such a medicine that can treat any patients of any age and sex without any harmful effect. The children who are suffering from cystitis can also consume it, as it causes no side-effect. So, if you are suffering from Cystitis then without any delay purchase a file of D-mannose and make yourself afresh like before.

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Frequently Asked Questions

    Urinary Tract Infection with dark, bloody urine.?
    I went to a Walk-In Clinic today with a UTI because I woke up with the chills, and passing very small amounts of very bloody, dark urine.

    The place didn't really examine me, but did take my temp, and a urine sample. I had a fever, and very dark, very bloody urine with sediment in it.

    The Nurse gave me Bactrim, so I think this will clear up soon. I hope so because I am in agony!

    Here is my question- I should have asked the Doctor but didn't get to.

    Can a UTI cause discharge? The Nurse told me my Urine had a lot of sediment and blood in it. And when I went to the bathroom just now- it seems as if I have discharge too- not bad looking just more than usual and enough to make my undies feel damp.

    Please help! I want to make sure I don't have something more than a UTI.
    It's the discharge that concerns me- does that happen with a UTI?

    I can't tell if it's vaginal or if it's coming from my urethra from the infection.
    I'm definitely not pregnant!

    • ANSWER:
      well since you are already on an antibiotic, try drinking cranberry juice ( a free radical that can help) and a lot of water AND if you are not doing better within three days, go see a doctor for a recheck.

    Do I have an Urinary Tract Infection?
    So just this morning when I woke up to pee, it burned. Not bad, but I could tell that something didn't feel right. I did some research, and it said one of the symptoms could be bloody discharge. My period is on, so I don't really know if that's it or not. My mom said to drink plenty of water and cranberry juice, but does that really work?

    **I'm a virgin so it's not an STD.

    • ANSWER:
      If it burns when you pee, feels like you have to pee all the time, and/or there is blood in your pee, you have to see a doctor for antibiotics. You can try to drink it out, but that is no guarantee that you will kill all the bacteria. Antibiotics are the best choice and it is better to get them sooner rather than later!

    Very unusual bloody discharge even after period ended? No history of spotting either??
    I'm on the pill and have been for about 4 years, and not sexually active. I had my period 12-13-07 and ended the 18th (i'm very religious about taking it on time). a couple days later I started having this brownish blood discharge, it was then a weird pinkish color and I just felt weird. I saw the dr to make sure it wasn't an urinary tract infection, the urine was negative and they told me it was just spotting. I've never ever had spotting before which makes me paranoid and it has no odor either. In november I had my annual pap/ exam and obviously nothing was wrong then. I'm still getting the brown and pink discharge (they seem to alternate) and my period is supposed to start today/tomorrow. Has anyone experienced this? My mom keeps nagging me to call the dr but I don't want to be examined again. Should I wait and see if this next period passes normally? Serious answers only please..
    If I collect a sample and i'm on my period, is it going to matter? I feel like they're just going to tell me it's that again

    • ANSWER:
      exams are uncomfortable, obviously... but it could be something much worse. the discharge is a symptom telling you something is going on with your body and you need to pay attention. if your period is always regular and you have never had spotting before, it shouldn't be happening now. collect a sample of the discharge and take it with you to your doctor. good luck!

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