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Natural Feline Urinary Tract Infection Treatment That Works Quickly and Inexpensively

Feline urinary tract infection treatment can be extremely critical. Because the urinary tract in cats is so delicate, the smallest of infections can quickly spread and lead to much more serious, even life threatening, conditions. For this reason, the sooner you can get your cat's UTI treated, the better the long term result is likely to be.

UTI can be particularly troublesome for cats that spend time outdoors. Bacteria can be picked up almost anywhere and spread quickly, causing infection. As with humans, UTI can cause uncomfortable symptoms including pain, fever, the frequent urge to urinate and inability to do so. In cats, UTI can often lead to the buildup of deposits in the urethra, bladder or kidneys, which can cause life threatening blockage.

If your cat is experiencing any of the symptoms of UTI it is important that you get to the vet as quickly as possible for a proper diagnosis. Your vet will then be able to suggest feline urinary tract infection treatment. In most cases, this involves giving your cat a course of antibiotics. While this may be helpful for reliving symptoms, it can actually cause damage in the long run as antibiotics have been shown to impair immune system function.

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Frequently Asked Questions

    why do i get urinary tract infections a couple days to a week leading up to my period?
    Since april (2009) i've been getting urinary tract infections, i didn't keep track of when they happened, but i know that every month since then i've gotten one. all of my periods are normal, never late, always the full cycle. But recently i've started tracking them and they always happen a couple days before my period leading into my period or a week before and leading into my period? WHY? i'm getting worried.
    also... i am sexually active. but i don't have any diseases, and i use protection every time.

    • ANSWER:
      Hello there Kay!
      I understand your frustrations. I get them all the time. There are a few reasons why you are getting them. Before your period, your yeast changes inside of your vagina. I am really not sure why, but all I know is that it does. However, another problem could be sex. It does not mean you or your partner(s) have any STD's. You are supposed to pee no later than one hour after having sex. The reason why is your urine is a natural cleaning agent, and it is sterile. So any bacteria that got up inside you while having sex will be flushed out with your urine. I do it every single time I have sex and it has minimized my amount of UTI's. Trust me it will work. If you are still concerned, you need to consult your physician and he/she can put you on a medication that will take your UTI's away. Have a good day!

    I get urinarytract infections before my period why is that? is it normal?
    For about a year now everytime I'm about to get my period i get urinary tract infections it burns/strings when i urinate and after urinating i still have the burning sentation, and white milky smelly stuff and clear smelly stuff discharges. I take two showers twice a day and very clean, still a virgin.

    • ANSWER:
      it can be your shower gel or allergy to your underwear, and as you get more sensitive you have your period, it can be.

    qustion about urinary tract infection and periods?
    will i still get my period with a urinary tract infection?
    was wondering because sometimes when i go to the bathroom there will be tint of reddish/pink on the paper,but that was there when i had a urinary tract ifection before.

    • ANSWER:
      yes you can still get your period when you have a uti because it has happened to me before... and it was hell! urinary tract infections have to be the worst things ever a woman has to go through, then add your period to it..

      but you will know if its your period if its a heavy flow of blood. If its just a little blood that is pinkish then its the uti then you should DEFIANTLY go to the doctor to get antibiotics before its too late. I waited too long hoping the uti would go away and it didnt so then it lead to kidney infections which was not good

      hoped this help :)

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