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Urinary Tract Infection Recovery Time - How Long Will It Last?

Urinary tract infection is one of the infections that are very common both in men and women. It is caused by bacteria particularly E. coli that enter the urinary tract, urethra and bladder. Pains that are unbearable and discomfort go along with urinary tract infection. These can hinder the sufferer to do his or her activities.

So as much as possible, the sufferer wants to get over the situation fast. Some symptoms of these are frequent urge to eliminate urine, blood in the urine, pains in the abdomen, and pain every time the patient urinate. Urinary tract infection recovery time differ as its seriousness does.

Some UTIs are not so serious especially if it is still in its premature remedies state. This can be cured using home remedies like taking in cranberry juice, fruits and vegetables that are rich in potassium, drinking a lot of water, pineapple, blueberries, and vitamin C.

The recovery time for UTI sufferer using these remedies vary as well. The treatment may take more than a week to gain results. Though it may take days to cure UTI using these remedies, they are safe and natural which means no fear of being overdosed. If you are not patient enough to wait for a week or more to heal your urinary tract infection, then home remedies are not for you to use.

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Frequently Asked Questions

    Does anyone know anything about urinary tract infections in dogs?
    I have a toy fox terrier that is 1 1/2 years old and today at the vet she had a urinanalysis done and found out that she has a uti. They also found blood in her urine. I was wondering if anyone knew anything about this? And also, if anyone knows how long the infectin will last because she keeps getting sick, throwing up water and food, so the vet is keeping her all night again. The vet is going to start her antibiotics tonight through the iv and they have an iv in her for fluids.
    The vet said that by the look of it, she has had the infection for awhile. And she may also have crystals. She didn't have any side effects or anything until Monday night.

    • ANSWER:
      UTI's are common in female dogs- Ihave 2 females and can always tell when one of them is getting one- their urine gets dark yellow to almost a brown, they pee all the time and attempt to clean themselves down there. Sometimes there is a foul odor as well. Lots of water-lots, lots, lots. Medications usually do the trick. My dogs like to play around in a mucky nasty pond- thereis the problem!!

    How long should it take for my cardigan corgi puppy to be housebroken? She is currently almost 6 months old.?
    When she is in her crate, she knows not to go in there and can last easily 8 hrs whether we have gone somewhere or overnight. Yet, when we let her out of her crate and she runs around the house, if we don't take her outside to urinate every 1/2 hour she will urinate on the carpet. We are very good about remembering to take her out so that is not an issue. We also we scold her when she urinates and immediately take her outside to her "spot" when she does urinate. We cheer her on when she goes outside as well. Plenty of positive reinforcement there. We have tried everything. She did have 2 urinary tract infections already that have been treated with antibiotics. We give her bottled water and Natural Balance dog food. Any suggestions besides a possible deformity? Our next step is to take her in for an ultrasound to look at that possibility but if it's normal for her to go like this, we don't want to put all that money and stress on her. How can she last so long in the crate but not out of the crate? If she had a deformity, wouldn't she be urinating in the crate or at least crying to go outside at night time to urinate?

    • ANSWER:
      Some dogs aren't fully housebroken until one year old. COnfine her to the room you are in, so if you see her about to eliminate you can stop her. Other than that, I am not sure. It might be related to UTIs, but if she can hold it in her crate, it doesn't make sense that she would pee that often on the carpet.

    If my dog is indeed getting another urinary tract or bladder infection how do I relieve discomfort?
    My dog had been on medications for a couple of months as she had an infection and crystals in her urine. Her urine was tested a week and a half ago and was infection and crystal free..she finished her meds 2 days after the urine test. She is still on the c/d food.

    Well last night she woke me up to go out (unusual) and today she peed twice while out. I spoke to the vet who told me just to watch her and to show up monday morning if she gets bad over the weekend. So far we are fine.

    just incase I have added boulion to a bowl of water and left that out for her along with her normal water and I am letting her out more often.

    Is there anything that I can do tomorrow if she again starts running around squatting every 30 seconds like when all this started. I just felt so bad all night long with her peeing almost non-stop.

    Thanks for any advise. I also float her dry food in water in increase her water intake.
    OOPs correction: I also float her dry food in water TO increase her water intake.

    • ANSWER:
      There's something else going on. Get her back into the vet, or take her to another vet for a second opinion.

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